Good Girls Gone Bad

A Featured Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club, Literary Guild, and Doubleday Book Club

As fiercely intelligent as it is laugh-out-loud funny, GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD showcases Jillian Medoff’s dazzling and distinctive voice, and clearly establishes her as a writer of rare and remarkable gifts.

Praise & Reviews

“Acerbic wit and pathos distinguish Medoff’s accomplished second novel…Medoff beautifully balances the women’s diverting quirkiness with Janey’s own sincere struggle in choosing life over death. Another success, combining genuine psychological depth with humor and irony.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Medoff’s debut novel, the well-received HUNGER POINT, leavened the serious topic of eating disorders with a healthy dose of wry humor. In her sophomore effort Medoff takes aim at therapy, female bonding, low self-esteem and revenge.” ―Publisher’s Weekly

“Fans will enjoy this well-written look at what happens when group therapy members bond a little too well. Recommended for all collections of contemporary women’s fiction.” ―Library Journal

“Jillian Medoff’s GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD starts with a comic bang…Medoff’s tone stays light despite the increasingly heavy subject matter. It’s a feat to be noted that Janey is simultaneously so appealing and so untrustworthy. She has trouble telling the truth even to herself, but Medoff presents her so deftly that she feels wholly open. The beginning so strongly suggests a lighthearted, girly chat of a novel that you would expect the painful issues to splash coldly over the narrative. Instead they flow within it. As with life, the novel takes the good with the bad, and Medoff ensures that Janey faces all of it with charmingly self-abasing humor and consistently spot-on timing.” ―Houston Chronicle

“Perhaps it comes with the territory of being female and single in Manhattan past a certain age, but after Janey Fabre hooks up with a half-dozen other women in group therapy, she doesn’t feel quite so, well, eccentric. Of course, in group, she doesn’t mention how she’s been tracking the man who dumped her. The seven women…become a family of sorts, painfully full of foibles but never quite crossing the line into parody. Funny, surprising and deftly written, GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD is a rich, witty, heartfelt second novel from Medoff.” ―Tampa Tribune

”A black comedy version of SEX AND THE CITY.” ―Glamour

“GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD is a light in the tunnel that is single women’s fiction. These women long for true love and male companionship, but their existence doesn’t depend on it.” ―Charlotte Observer

“Medoff’s romp as a made-for-TV movie for seven 30-to-40-ish female stars of middling magnitude. It boasts snappy one-liners, a well-dressed Pekingese, an outlandishly funny plot during the first two-thirds of the book, and a hairpin turn toward tragedy.” ―Booklist

“Jillian Medoff takes an intriguing premise, turns it upside down, and sends it careening ahead, trailing delight and debauchery in its wake.” ―Maggie Estep

“Every woman needs two copies of GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD. One to laugh with and cry to. The other to give to whatever man has broken her heart.” ―J.D. Landis