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Jillian Medoff is the author of four acclaimed novels: THIS COULD HURT, I COULDN’T LOVE YOU MORE, GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD, and HUNGER POINT. HUNGER POINT was made into an original cable movie starring Christina Hendricks and Barbara Hershey and directed by Joan Micklin Silver (Lifetime TV, 2003).

A former fellow at MacDowell, Blue Mountain Center, VCCA and Fundacion Valparaiso in Spain, Jillian has an MFA from NYU. She studied with Mona Simpson (her thesis advisor) and Jonathan Dee; and took master classes with Toni Morrison, Grace Paley, and Joyce Carol Oates. Jillian’s MFA experience was life-changing. She sold her graduate thesis, originally titled THE HUNTERS, to HarperCollins where it was retitled HUNGER POINT and published as her debut novel in 1997. Back then, readers loved the deeply depressed Frannie; now, they hate her and her whole stupid, self-absorbed family. Times change, culture evolves, and still, trauma endures.

Speaking of fierce young women, Jillian’s new novel, WHEN WE WERE BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL, is a story about power, privilege, consent, and dirty, sexy money. It’s coming from Harper/HarperCollins in August 2022.

In addition to writing novels, Jillian has a long career in corporate consulting. Since her early days at Max Factor and American Home Goods (in Trump Tower!), she’s worked for a wide range of employers, including Deloitte and Aon. Now with Segal Benz, she advises clients on communication strategies for all aspects of the employee experience.

Jillian lives with her husband, Keith Dawson and three adult daughters, who come and go. She is currently working on a new novel, THE COMMITTEE, a story about medical ethics and race in Seattle, circa 1961.